Sunday, July 31, 2011

Belly Up To My Bar And Revive My Avatar

Hey Everybody, it's time to get serious about this team avatar. I haven' even been able to recognize what this is a picture of but I think maybe there are trees. We need a new Avatar that's moving a head just like we are.and as to the same fairness exhibited in a slogan contest, our hunt for the right avatar must be a legitimate contest as well.

If you have been paying attention the last few days, you may have notice the current avatar changing,  that has been me. I knew if I was going to moderate such a contest as to design a new avatar I better know a little about it my self. And so I have learned, in order to serve you better. Let's cover some of the mechanics of it now.

The avatar is supposed to be 170 x 100 pixels. First I needed to know how many pixels were in an inch. There doesn't seem to be an exact answer except 72 to 96, for a ball park figure, But it didn't seem to matter because I discovered,  that if I made my  avatar the size of an average business card 3.5"x 3" it would up load to etsy perfectly. At that size actually I found that there was a little bit of space all around the card that I still had room to grow. So you actually can make your avatar slightly larger that a business card and it will load.

I;v been trying to give you ideas (albeit) not very good ones for designing an avatar and will continue for awhile doing so, just to get you going. You all did a great job on the slogans and I hope to see even more action for the avatar contest.

For the ones the you've seen so far I just used a program I have called Print Artist Gold. You may be familiar with it or maybe you have another one similar. It is a program that helps you to do any type of print job and you can make very professional works. This is only a suggestion and what I've done so far, however, I am working some other ideas.

I took one of my plaques 5x7, that is all finished down to the point of me putting some text, usually a scripture which you've seen in my shop. That part was not done. So I Scanned it, decreased the size, and am hoping I can use one  of my programs like Print Artist to put the text; Baby Boomers; Attitude not Age, on it, Or I will have to get the paint and brush out and my very limited calligraphy skills and paint the text directly on the plaque and then scan it and decrease the size. I tell you this because I want you to get your thinking caps on and come up with some great ideas for our Team Avatar. 

You can make your avatar anyway you want to. You can use pictures, clip art, graphics, oil paint, acrylic, water paint, collage, you are the artist. The avatar must fit the given dimensions. The Avatar must Say: Baby Boomers,   And it must sat:   Attitude Not Age the way you want. You will have the entire month of August, entries will need to be in by Aug. 31. When you submit them they must be ready to upload.  I believe they will have to be convoed to me and then  I will upload them to avatar location, Depending on how many entries that we get will depend on how long an entry will be on display. Just a reminder, this is a family oriented team, so you know what that means.

Right now I think the best idea is to upload the avatars to our team blog when you are ready to enter them. It is my plan to put each one in place so everyone can see it there and see how it looks. I don't know how many entries I will get, I hope that I can put one entry per day, You can enter as many times as you want to, but keep in mind, that due to size of team (approx, 64 member) and time of contest one month, if everyone were to enter they may not get put up. But I think there will probably  be quite a number That do not enter, So it is now time to get busy maybe you may be the winner, and there will be a prize provided for the winner.


  1. Can't wait to see all the creativity from this team!

  2. Been working with blogspot because I haven't been able to post comments, so this is a test to see if problem has finally been solved.

  3. Yes, hooray it posted, now I can finally take part in posts